Prep Your Rev for Shipping

In order to keep your Revolution in peak running condition, Mark 7 is offering our customers the opportunity to send your press core to our factory for a complete refurbishment. We'll even send you custom packaging, with pre paid shipping labels and fitted foam inserts to assure your machine travels safely to our factory and back to your workbench!

Basic service is $1500* if your Revolution is a 2020 or newer model.

For presses built before 2020, additional costs may be incurred, as certain components are recommended to be upgraded to the latest versions. Please call or email us to schedule your service.

*Pricing may vary based on age of product and recommendations following a full inspection by our service technicians. The refurbishment program covers the press core only, accessories are not included. The scope and pricing of any job will be discussed with the customer before any work is performed.

Step 1:

Contact Our Sales Department

Call our Commercial Sales Department at 1-888-462-7577 to purchase your service. We will then send a custom box and pre-paid shipping labels for you to ship your press to us.

We have created this custom designed packaging to ensure the safety of your press during shipping. There is no additional cost for us to send you the box.

Step 2:

Pack Your Press
in the Box

Watch the video above or download the pdf printed instructions on this page for specific instructions on how to disassemble and pack your press into our shipping box. It is not difficult and should take less than 30 minutes to package it correctly, ensuring its' safe travels to our facility.

Step 3:

Send It To Us - We'll
Do the Rest!

Use the pre-paid shipping label included with the box to send your press back to us. We will perform all needed inspections and updates and send it back to you as quickly as possible (Usually less than 2 weeks including shipping time!)

What Will We Do To Your Press?

Basic Refurbishment Services Include:

  • Complete disassembly of the press core
  • Degreasing and cleaning of all parts
  • Inspection of all components subject to wear
  • Replacement of drive bushings, installation of an upgraded index cam assembly
  • Replacement of bearings, hardware and other components as needed
  • Reassembly of the press core to factory specifications
  • Lubrication & functional testing to assure proper operation


*The 12-month warranty covers the Press Core only

Parts of a deconstructed reloading press including the frame, ram, tool head, shell plate, motor, bushings, screws, bolts, and other parts.

Why Is This Necessary?

The Mark 7 Revolution Press is designed to withstand heavy commercial use, but just like a car or any other complex machine, a little care and preventive maintenance can keep it in top operating condition.

In addition, especially if you've had your press for more than a year or two, we are constantly updating and improving details to make sure that our presses are the most advanced machines in the industry. This service will also give you the opportunity to have our technicians install any upgrades that might have been implemented since your Press was purchased, assuring that you’re running with the latest and greatest technology we have to offer.

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