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Patents pending.

Call 1-888-4MARK77 (1-888-462-7577) to speak with a Mark 7 Sales Specialist to help build the perfect package to meet your loading needs.

The Genesys Loading System was developed from the ground up, to be an all-in-one fully automated loading solution. Using new technology and leveraging our vast engineering experience has allowed us to offer a fully featured loading system at a price point that has not been seen before.

Independently controlled servo motors drive the tool head, shell plate, and priming system, which provides a smooth and precise loading experience with unmatched control. Genesys is compact, lightweight and has a very easy setup procedure. It comes fully equipped as standard with automated collated priming, 11” high speed case feeder, Mr. Bullet Feeder, mechanical powder measure, and Mark 7’s renowned sensor technology.

Genesys is ready to load out of the box.


  • Caliber Range; 380 ACP - 308 Win
  • 10 stations
  • All new patent-pending drive system
  • Variable tool head stroke for pistol and rifle profiles
  • On press swaging
  • Totally new GUI (Graphic User Interface) and ergonomic HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • Touch screen HD display
  • Advanced closed-loop control system with large emergency stop
  • 2500 RPH / 2000 RPH (Pistol/Rifle)
  • New tri-ram and tool head design provides rigidity and accuracy
  • Collated priming, bullet feeder, case feeder, mechanical powder measure included
  • Lifetime software/ firmware updates

Digital Sensors Included as Standard:

  • Decap Detection - Detects spent primers
  • Swage Detection - Detects obstructions or ringers
  • Bullet Detection - Ensures porperly dropped bullets
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All in One Stroke

A robust 10-station tool head which allows you to “Do It All”

Station 1: Case feeding
Station 2: Sizing and decapping
Station 3: Swage/Case trim
Station 4: Primer seat
Station 5: Case flare/neck expansion
Station 6: Powder drop
Station 7: Powder check
Station 8: Bullet Dropper
Station 9: Seating
Station 10: Crimping

*The above is just one possible set-up. The 10 station tool head offers a large
variety of options for all your reloading and case processing needs.

Specs and Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 36” Tall, 15” Wide, 11” Deep
  • Number of Stations: 10
  • Caliber Range: 380 up to .308
  • Drive System: Independent Servo Motors
  • Priming System: Collated Priming System
  • Case Feeder: 11” High Speed Case Feeder
  • Powder Measure: Mechanical
  • Machine Weight: ~60 lbs

PLEASE NOTE: Hold Down Die is included for Swage operation. Additional dies
are not included with the GENESYS and must be purchased separately.

Mark 7 GENESYS Standard Package Includes:

  • 11” Case Feeder with variable speed motor
  • Mechanical Powder Measure
  • Bullet Feeder
  • Collated Priming System
  • 10-station cast iron tool head
  • Small and Large Primer & Swaging Components included
  • Lyman Stainless Steel Pro Hold-Down Die
  • Tri-ram design for the tool head for stability and accuracy
  • Totally new GUI and ergonomic HMI
  • The Apex can be considered a “builders” package that can be purchased in manual form first, to learn the operation of progressive presses, then automation and sensors added later on, or as your budget allows.
  • Genesys is an “all in one” automated solution ready to go out of the box. No option for manual operation.  
Number of Die Stations10 station press
Caliber Range380 ACP to 308 Win
Rounds per Hour2500 Pistol / 2000 Rifle
Drive SystemAll new Patent-pending Drive system
Priming SystemOnboard Primer Collator/ Motorized Disk
Type of Case Feeder11" high speed case feeder
Type of Powder MeasureMechanical
Bullet FeederMr. Bullet Feeder
Digitally ControlledNew GUI (Graphic User Interface) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) with Touch Screen HD Display
Sensors IncludedTorque and Jam Sense, Decap Detection, Swage Detection, Bullet Detection
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