Thank you Veterans!

Thank you


Mark 7® Reloading takes our freedom seriously

1. Our discount program is for active, reserve, retired or disabled U.S. veterans, offering a 5% discount for the Mark 7® series of Autodrives and Apex 10 models.
2. We employ veterans as a priority, and we source our products from the United States.  Because we want to keep as many of our products coming from the U.S. as possible we kindly ask you to apply your discount to machines only and limit it to one machine per person at a time and please don't combine the discount with other promotions.
3. To utilize the discount online, please e-mail us at for your discount code, attach a copy of your ID for our files, and specify which machine & accessories you would like to purchase in your e-mail.  The following are forms of I.D. we will honor:

  1. Active Duty Military ID card with a picture.
  2. DD-214
  3. A retired Military ID card with a picture.
  4. VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – should have the words 'SERVICE CONNECTED' under picture.

You will typically receive the discount code in the same day your send in your credentials.  The code lasts just a few days and then will expire. We are dedicated to supporting and honoring our men and women in uniform through our business practices and recruitment efforts.

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