The Titan™ (Available for Pre-Order)

Available for Pre-Order
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The Mark 7 Titan Loading System was developed through the experience we have from creating tens-of-millions of rounds through Mark 7’s original commercial press, The Revolution. Titan is a very versatile and configurable machine, allowing the user to custom tailor their press towards their specific needs.  The adjustable press stroke will accommodate rounds from 380 ACP to 338 Lapua, making the Titan truly a one-size-fits-all, commercial powerhouse. Independent servo motors control the shell plate, drive mechanism and primer disk, giving the user unmatched control and tune-ability.

The All-New Titan is double feed capable, allowing one press to run as two separate 6 station machines setup for processing, priming, or loading with pre-primed brass configurations doubling production output. 


  • 12 station press with toolhead die stations in single feed configuration and 10 die stations in double feed configuration
  • Capable of speeds over 5000 rounds per hour
  • Motorized Shell plate and Primer disk for precise and smooth indexing
  • Robust Core chassis comprised of All precision CNC machined parts
  • Hardened steel and Aluminum parts
  • All new pneumatic Bullet dropper pre seats the projectile
  • Commercial Grade Case feeder and Bullet feeders
  • Ability to Double Feed, doubles output every cycle
  • New XL Powder Measure with Geared drivetrain with double powder capacity (capable of feeding extruded powder)
  • Preset toolhead height adjustment; variable stroke allows for no wasted time when loading pistol calibers, but with a press of a button can accommodate large rifle rounds
  • Robust, industrial machine HMI with physical Emergency stop button
  • All new Electronics control box with future sensor and accessory support
  • Full Machine enclosure available

Digital Sensors Available:

  • Decap Sense
  • Swage Sense
  • Bullet Sense
  • Digital Powder Check
  • Primer Orientation Sensor
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Our Support Options

We are proud of our hallmark multichannel customer service and support operation. Please help us keep costs (and prices) as low as possible by selecting the option below that most closely meets your needs.  If it is important for you to call us please do so at 1-888-4-MARK-77 (1-888-462-7577).  The Customer Service Call Center is available between the hours of 9:00am and 4:30pm Eastern Time but please consider the available options below:

Over 5,000 Rounds Per Hour

Compatible with Mark 7® Sensors & Accesories

12 Station Press with 11 toolhead die stations in single feed configuration and 10 die stations in double feed configuration

Supports One-Pass Rifle/Pistol Processing and Loading if Used in Single Feed Configuration

Available in Multiple Configurations (brass processing, loading, priming)

Number of Die Stations12 station press with toolhead die stations in single feed configuration and 10 die stations in double feed configuration
Caliber Range380 Auto to 338 Lapua
Rounds per HourOver 5,000
Drive SystemDirect Geared Drive
Priming SystemOnboard Primer Collator/ Motorized Disk
Type of Case Feeder14" metal construction, up to 5800 rph
Type of Powder MeasureGeared Drivetrain with double powder capacity
Bullet FeederPneumatic Bullet dropper
Digitally ControlledNew Remote System
Sensors IncludedTorque and Jam Sense (additional sensors optional)
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